About Us

Why Choose Us?

Why us? Well we love custom items. Our small team has been doing this for years, ranging from various background in resin art, 3D art and printing, crafting with many materials like rhinestones, vinyl, glitter, beads and the list goes on. We are really into our arts and crafts but just don't have enough hands to do every request. So this is a good way for our customers to have fun and be creative with their own products without waiting. Of course we are available for design tips too and we will also be adding our own designs.

The website can also be access on all devices! You don't need to be a photoshop expert either. You can use your own phone apps to create designs and simply upload and place your image where you need it to be and voila! But if you prefer to go the photoshop route, we have templates to help with that! 

Got a question? Just send us a message or email and someone in our team will get back to you ASAP.

Take a look through our range of products and get creating, we can't wait to see your designs!