DTG Print Sizes Difference (Adult)

DTG (Direct to Garment) Print Sizes Difference

In the DTG process, the print area is designated by the size of the platen, we use 4 sizes of platens.




The default platen we use is Medium size, but since the print areas are different on different products, we have to change the size to suit the product's print area. ie XL, 2XL and 3XL hoodies fit on the Medium platen in some way, S, M, L hoodies have to be printed on the Small platen. As in tees, M to 2XL sizes fit perfectly on the Medium platen, because of the seams on the sleeves, we have to use Small platen size when printing S size tees.


We generally arrange the mockup/product proportion to larger sizes, L or XL since there are more of the larger sizes (L to 3XL, even 4XL and 5XL for other products) and these sizes sell more and we noticed customers are way more OK when they receive relatively bigger print than a small one.

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